Pepper Spray Saves San Diego Jogger


It seems like no neighborhood provides immunity to women against assaults. A sexual predator can pull up in a Volvo or in a beat up truck, can emerge from a dark alley or from the Central Park bench. What gives protection to women, times and times again, is simple pepper spray, mace, or stun gun and resolve to use it.

Here is what just being reported from beautiful and warm San Diego:

” ..A would-be kidnapper grabbed a jogger on an El Cerrito- area street today but released her when she blinded him with pepper spray, according to San Diego police.

The 26-year-old would-be victim was running in the area of 58th Street and Trojan Avenue about 12:30 p.m. when a blond-haired man who appeared to be in his 30s pulled up next to her in a faded red older-model pickup truck and made several attempts to engage her in conversation.

The woman refused to respond and kept running. When she reached a cul-de-sac in the 4100 block of Olympic Place, the stranger steered into a driveway in front of her, blocking her way, and got out of the vehicle.

The jogger tried to get around the man by running out into the street, but he followed and grabbed her arm forcefully. She then sprayed the pepper spray at his face, prompting him to let her go.

As the woman ran away to call the police, the assailant drove off to the east…”

Here you have it, folks: pepper spray or mace, whatever, does work.
Do you see how simple it was for this woman to get rid of her assailant/kidnapper just by spraying him with her pepper spray?
She was likely scared and shaken but resolute and prepared.
All she needed to do is to take out her spray, face her attacker and press the button.
Then she had time to escape the danger and call the police. Good for her!

What about you? Got Pepper Spray already?
Get it for yourself, buy it for your girlfriend, send it to your daughter in college.
Make an oath to carry it and use it instantly when in danger. If you got it for your loved ones, take their word they’ll carry it at all times and use it without hesitation.

Remember it’s legal in all 50 states (in MA you still need a license to carry it but it’s legal).
Do you know you can buy pepper spray here?
pepper spray for joggers