Pepper spray, room alarm and a personal siren for students’ safety.

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Movable safety for students: Pepper spray, personal siren and room alarm.

Students are back to colleges and campuses and parents are back to worries about well-being of their kids away from home.
What do they eat? do they have everything they need? do they study well? whom do they date?
Sounds somewhat familiar?

We do not even pretend to list all parents’ worries here, there are many.
However there is one that we have to mention nowadays: are they safe around the campus and in school?
We can help to calm this worry: here is what we’ve got for the students’ safety…

In a few days our students will get back to the school environment where certain things can not be taken for granted anymore.
When home, they don’t have to think about someone breaking in while they are asleep, for example.
Some colleges, that shall not be named, got infamous notoriety because of either multiple repeated assaults on students or outright grizzly rapes, kidnapping and murders that happened on their campuses.

What can we do to help students to have reasonable everyday safety?
If you have not seen it yet, please check the Student pepper spray safety kit.

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This is what’s inside and why it is there:
– 2 cans of pepper spray.
Both cans are pocket size (1/2 oz) and can be carried on the keychain. Why 2 cans? Because we strongly recommend to spend one can of pepper spray PRACTICING. Yes, pulling out the can out of a purse or a pocket is a every simple movement… when you are relaxed and not in danger. When under pressure even habitual movements are hard to make because your body’s muscles seize up from fear.
So in danger if you did not practice the action before, it becomes very hard to pull out the pepper spray can, aim it and press the release button.
Please do yourself a favor – spend one can practicing. In this kit pepper spray is very cheap, so please practice.

– A door stop, room alarm
When yo go to bed simply put this wedge-shaped alarm under your door. You will sleep well that night because you know that when somebody tries to open the door you will know about it. Actually the whole neighborhood will be notified , the alarm is very loud. It also acts as a door jam, getting the door stuck on its wedge. It’s battery operated, so power failures and blackouts are not a problem.

– Personal alarm whistle
This is another small tool that you can wear on a keychain, in your purse or pocket. Just like the pepper spray, keep it with you at all times. In some situations you might find that getting attention from by-standers and passer-bys is a better way to get out of the danger zone. The tiny whistle produces a mighty screeching siren so all heads will turn toward you and may be a great deterrent against a possible assault. It weighs next to nothing and it is very easy to operate.

Know other students or their parents who’s concerned about their safety on campus.

Please click here and tweet this post to them!

They will thank you!

We did not include any stun guns or tasers in this students’ safety kit for a reason. Some campuses prohibit possession of stun guns on campuses even if the state allows it. Pepper sprays on the other hand are ok and sometimes even encouraged. Some campuses even give classes on how to use pepper spray. We know because we sponsored some of them.

Stay Safe!

Buy Students’ pepper spray safety kit here