Testimonial From A Pepper Spray Center Client

Pepepr spray center customer testimonialMoments like this, when you read kind and heartfelt words from a total stranger who appreciated your sincere help and caring… oh well, it just makes it all worth it. You can not buy that because only when it comes unexpected you can experience this emotion.

Here is what Debra wrote:

Thank you so much for getting back to me as quickly as you did, even on a Sunday night.  I appreciated as well the links taking me to the products you recommend.

I will feel much better knowing that my daughter has the best that you sell.

Since you have children as well I’m sure you understand, that if God forbid this fool were to try something, that not only could she catch him unaware, but she could hurt him with the strongest from that far away.

Until you need something like this  you’re unaware of how far we’ve come in this area, to have a dye that would identify him along with everything else sold me!!

Again I can’t thank you enough for taking my email as seriously as you did.  I’m calling my daughter first thing in the morning to let her know how quickly it will be arriving so she’ll be expecting it.

I will be highly recommending your company to anyone and everyone I know.  You’ve been great.


Thank you so much, from all of us at Pepper Spray Center!