Pepper Spray and stun guns are still illegal in Canada

An Ottawa man was fined $2,000 for attempting to bring pepper spray, stun guns and other self-defense items into Canada. Continuous rumors and hearsays that Canada finally allowed Mace, pepper sprays and stun guns on its territory are what they are – rumors and hearsays.

The self-defense products you can legally own and use here in the US are still illegal north of the border in Canada. Here is what happened:

Ross C., 24, was re-entering Canada with his sister following a vacation in Myrtle Beach.

He declared one vial of pepper spray when questioned by the primary officer and was referred to secondary inspection where the item was to be confiscated.

When the officer searched the trunk of the vehicle, a total of seven pepper spray canisters were located. A subsequent search also turned up three stun guns, two retractable spring-loaded batons, four throwing stars and a knife concealed in a key chainall prohibited items in Canada.

Ross C., who has no criminal record, said he bought a couple items for a friend but most were for his own self-defence.

When asked about his fascination with weapons, Ross C. replied: “there are some really bad things going on in Ottawa.”

Ross C. purchased the items at a store in West Virginia after doing a search on Google.

Ontario Court Justice John Waugh told Ross he likely would have gone to jail if customs officials had chosen to charge him with more serious offences.

>>> Please be aware that all these items are still illegal in Canada. If you plan to visit Canada, buy your pepper spray, mace, stun gun and taser here and leave them home.