Pepper Spray and Mace on board of an International flight

Please advise if we can buy mace sprays and bring them to other country by International Flight.


There are two questions you are asking: one — about the airline regulations, and two — about the laws of the country you are going to.
As for the laws of different countries in the world, you will get much more information calling that country’s embassy or consulate. What’s forbidden in Singapore might be perfectly legal in France, for example.

As for the airline regulations, according to reports of our customers, the airlines allow you to transport 1 bottle of mace or other pepper spray in your luggage (NOT carry-ons).

You can safely call your airline representative and ask this question to be absolutely sure.
Remember, that mace and pepper sprays are legal in the US, so it’s perfectly ok to ask about them, if in doubt.

Look forward to seeing you back in the store soon!
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