Pepper Spray and Mace in Massachusetts: new hope.

Only 2 states in the nation do not allow mail order sales of pepper spray or mace spray: Massachusetts and New York.
It means that although defensive sprays are legal in Massachusetts and New York they may not be bought on-line, we may not ship Pepper spray or Mace to Massachusetts and New York.
Massachusetts went even further than New York in regards to defensive sprays: Massachusetts requires a special class Firearm ID to carry pepper spray in your purse. No kidding!..
Now all of a sudden, some Massachusetts legislators are talking about lifting this restriction on pepper spray and mace. If you live in Massachusetts — read on:

Possibly in the nearest future Massachusetts residents will be able to get mace and pepper spray for personal protection.

“…According to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Republican State Representative Todd Smola of Palmer is one of three state legislators sponsoring a bill that would let Bay State residents buy self defense sprays without a license…”

Right now Massachusetts law requires you to apply for a $25 FID permit, undergo a background check and fingerprinting — a process that takes about a month.

Hello-o-o-o, pilgrims, it’s 21st century now, everyone in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and other 48 states can get their own protection and take care of themselves, if God forbid, there is a need.

Kudos to Todd Smola for his righteous effort!
Telephone: 617-722-2240
E-Mail: Rep.ToddSmola@Hou.State.MA.US