Pepper Blaster II video

Pepper Blaster II is finaly in the US.


As you can see from this picture it is an enhanced version of the old faithful Guardian Angel.
If you do not know what PepperBlaster is we’ve prepared the videos for you.
If you are a devoted fan of PepperBlasters you likely want to know when do we start shipping them.
We have the answer for you inside.

If you do not know what Pepper Blasters you can see them in actions in the following 2 videos.
The first video is the original Pepper Blaster and the second video is a praise to PepperBlaster II.

.. and the Pepper Blaster II video:

For all those anxiously waiting to get the FIRST PepperBlaster II in the US, here is the good news:
We will start shipping PepperBlaster II on Monday May, 3, in less than a week from now.


You can buy yourself a Pepper Blaster II here.