My brand new stun gun does not work! What do I do?

In our 2 year history we have received a number of emails from disappointed customers about their brand new stun guns not working. All those issues fell easily into two categories:
1) “My stun gun produced just one spark and stopped working entirely” or
2) “My stungun is broken because the battery does not even fit inside”

99% of all those numerous cases were solved within 5 minutes because the stunguns were fine and the real cause of failures was…

…THE BATTERY! Actually, the KIND of battery used.

Let’s answer one question at a time:
1) It was a brand new battery but my stun gun yielded just a spark and stopped working.

When we encountered such an issue for the very first time we could not believe the solution our tech folks offered. We just could not imagine it would make any difference… however, when we tried it the stun gun started working immediately. Since then, we’ve helped a lot of happy stun gun owners to get their devices working.
Do you know what the problem in 99% of the issues is?

Easy: for some “unscientific” reason stun guns prefer to work only with Energizer batteries. They work perfectly with the Energizer.
Other types and brands of batteries either do not work at all or produce inferior results.
For example, re-chargeable batteries simply do not work in stunguns.
Other major brand names do not perform adequately in stun guns.
We recommend only Energizer batteries for use in stun devices.

2) My stun gun is broken or damaged because the standard battery does not fit in.
This is another eye opener: we assume that all 9V batteries are made according to the same standard and have the exact same dimensions. Right?
Once again we found out that dimensions and geometry vary from one brand of battery to another.
The Energizer (yes, you guessed it right!) yet again was the winner: its shape and dimensions are of a perfect fit for all stunguns that use them.

This is why we recommend using Energizer batteries for stun guns we sell on the site.
Does it sound to you like an Energizer commercial? It does to us…

Seemingly, not all batteries are created equal…

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P.S. If the stun gun still does not work, please send it back and we will replace it immediately.
It happens too but it is extremely rare.

– Wikipedia article about stungun and taser.

Note: You probably noticed that there are many different spelling variations in use:
stun gun, stungun, stun-gun, stunner, taser, tazer, stun device, electroshock weapon, etc.