More Pepper Spray Tips (Video)

funny-movie-pepper-sprayWhen it rains it pours… Just few minutes ago we published a quick video “How to use Pepper Spray” and almost immediately noticed the freshest video on the same topic of “Pepper Spray Do’s and Dont’s”.
Coincidentally, it is the same “David” guy who did the previous video. Huh!

What is absolutely hilarious is a movie clip in the beginning of the Fox’s video: this is exactly what we were talking about in the previous post: how people treat their carrying a pepper spray as some kind of magic charm protecting them…and how they are very unprepared and clumsy when it comes to using it.

In his presentation David covers all important points and is correct about everything.
If for whatever reason you can not watch the video below, sorry, then just follow the link to the Fox’s video site where it’s posted.

One more thing: although you can carry pepper spray legally in all 50 states, some states have limitations and restrictions that you should be aware of. For example, in Massachusetts in order to buy and possess a pepper spray one needs to get a Firearm ID of a special class “defensive spray”. In New York state, in order to buy it, if within the state’s borders, you have to find an authorized dealer, fill out required paperwork, get your background check done etc. Phew….

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