Mom Defends Her Kids Against Knife With Bare Hands, Wins (video)

Pepper-Blaster-II-33Just imagine you are driving your two little kids in a minivan and all of a sudden from behind the back seat a carjacker with a knife emerges and starts threatening kids and making demands. That’s movie stuff, right? It does not happen in real life?
Well apparently it does happen. It just happened in Baytown, TX.

Local abc station reports:

A Texas mother’s determination to keep her family out of danger drove her to battle an alleged carjacker until he fled from her minivan — only to be struck by her vehicle as she tried to “stop him so he didn’t hurt anybody else,” the woman said.

While Dorothy Baker and her 2-year-old and 5-year-old sons were shopping Friday at a CVS in Baytown, Texas, a man identified as Ismael Martinez allegedly hid out in her unlocked van, police said.

When the family got back into the car, Baker said Martinez “popped up out of the backseat and said that if I didn’t want my kids to get hurt, that I would do exactly what he said.”

Martinez, 54, allegedly pulled a knife on Baker while she was driving and demanded she stop at an ATM for money, she said.

Mothers defending their kids’ lives are not exactly the softest targets on Earth, they are probably the hardest ones there is. A 54 year old guy should’ve known that but, alas, he chose the wrong van to carjack.
The brave mom fought back with her bare hands while driving and she got the knife. She also got a cut across her chest. When she grabbed the knife the carjacker bit her hand. Oh boy…

We keep wondering: would not it be much easier for this brave woman to hit the ill fortunate robber with a Pepper Blaster shot. Provided she had one in her car, of course, but that is the whole point: keep the Pepper Blaster in your car just in case, just for this kind of scenario.
Pepper Blaster II shoots pepper gel at 90 mphPepper Blasters shoot pepper gel, so the shot would not contaminate the car and will not hurt the kids. They shoot so fast (90mph) the guy would not even understand what just happened. Aiming would not be a problem either because of the short range of few feet inside the minivan.
Again, not just a pepper spray – Pepper Blaster because it does not spray but shoots gel and so, no vapors.
Beats getting slashed and bitten… Just a thought, we still admire this woman!

Here is what happens next:

Police say the woman ran her van intentionally off the road trying to disorient the attacker. She was hoping that a 911 dispatcher would hear what was going on, and find a way to sent help. But when she saw a telephone pole, she sped up and targeted it, feeling it was a risk she had to take.

“I thought, ‘If you swerve and hit the pole, he’s not wearing a seatbelt, he’ll go through the windshield or at least hit his head, and you can stop him. You can do something to make sure that he doesn’t hurt your kids,'” the brave mom said. “That’s all I was thinking of really, was just to get him away from my kids.”

Police add that Baker-Flugence punched the man in the face and when she stopped, he jumped out of the vehicle. That’s when she reportedly turned the tables and ran over him.

“She got into a struggle with the man while trying to protect her children,” said Lt. Eric Freed with the Baytown police. “She actually overpowered him. At some point in time, he jumped from the vehicle and was run over by the vehicle.”

Baker-Flugence says while she ran over the man intentionally, she only wanted to stop him, not intending to seriously harm him.

Back at the CVS where the mother had been shopping, folks are applauding her for doing what it took to protect her children.

“That’s scary, it’s really scary,” said Baytown resident Dottie Sparks. “But good for her!”

Baytown resident Joyce Sparks added, “She’s trying to protect herself and her kids. I’d do the same thing.”

Here is the video from the local tv station:

And here is another reminder for you to buy Pepper Blaster because this may happen to anyone.
We sincerely wish it would never happen.