Man Stopped Burglars With Pepper Spray

20101213-burglar and pepper spray

A quick news dispatch from Agat, Guam (US):

Early Sunday morning, about 3:30 am, a man found two would be burglars trying to break into his house.
The tenacious burglars did not budge and confronted the guy.

The brave homeowner took out the pepper spray and…

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Yes, the brave homeowner got out a can of pepper spray and doused the thugs. They fled right away. All those who read this blog on the regular basis this should not come as a surprise: it’s very hard to continue such a delicate highly coordinated operation as robbery while agonizing in pain and almost blind from pepper spray. Fleeing the scene was the best choice for the perpetrators and flee they did.

Little did they know, the pepper spray the homeowner used on them also contained UV dye (Ultra-Violet dye). This dye is invisible under normal conditions, however when some ultra-violet light shines on it, the dye clearly visible. You’ve seen the UV light in night clubs to make things, clothing, jewelry, and make-up glow in the dark.

The long story short: “…Officers later found one of the suspects, the one who had been sprayed with pepper spray… They transported him to the Precinct where he was treated by medics for the pepper spray, interrogated and then arrested…”

The original story appeared at Pacific News Center here.

The UV dye is very hard to get rid of because even the tiniest amount left in a pore behind the right ear will still be clearly visible under the examination UV lamp. We are talking about head to toe bath with a scrub, rinse and repeat. Good luck with that!

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For those who want to know more about this UV dye business, please check our post some time ago here.

Stay Safe!