Mace And Tear Gas Triple Action

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Pepper spray, Mace, tear gas, oc spray, the “mean green” and the “sabre red” all sound dangerous and intimidating.
We hear that sometimes they can all even sound pretty much the same: some defensive sprays.
We understand and that’s ok because we can always help people looking for something in particular to find the right product in the store.

Consider this email from Shari:

I want to purchase mace with CN Tear gas in the state of Maryland.
Where can it be bought or how do I order online?

What exactly is she looking for?
One of a kind product, called Mace Triple Action.

To find out more about the magical qualities of this defensive spray, Read On…

Dear Shari,

Thank you for your interest in our products!

You picked a good product: Mace came up with a great combination of Pepper spray (OC spray), CN Tear Gas, and UV dye.
This whole line of products is called “Mace Triple Action” because of the additional ingredients.
It’s clear what effects pepper spray and tear gas produce but what does the UV dye do?

The UV dye in the Triple Action Mace marks the assailant with some Ultra-Violet dye that is extremely difficult to wash off.
The dye is visible under the “black” light only, so it may stay unnoticed by the marked assailant for many days.
Police will be able to see the UV dye on the skin and identify the suspect better.

There are several sizes available, choose what suits you best.

For your convenience, so you don’t have to search for it, here is the link to various Mace Triple Action models:


Personal Model:

The product page is HERE


Personal in leather pouch:

The product page is HERE


Pocket model:

The product page is HERE


Police model:

The product page is HERE

All are good, all are small enough to fit in a purse and in a hand.
Choose the one you like the most.

Please let us know if we can be of help to place your order.
You can call us toll-free: 800-344-0650

Look forward to seeing you shopping in the store,