Looks like a Cell Phone, stings like… a Stun Gun

Cellphone surprises, stun gun delivers.

We wrote before how stun guns work from the science point of view. We also discussed how to use psychological impact of a stun gun in your favor. In brief: some stunguns are large, loud and intimidating, some even take a form of other weapons, like the Blast Knuckles, but some are deceivingly tiny and pretend to be harmless objects by design.

What strategy is best: to scare the approaching attacker away or catch the unfortunate assailant by surprise?

Both strategies work: you can give an assailant a warning by firing your stun gun in the air and the electric discharge and the loud noise can be great deterrents that prevent violence. When they see that you are carrying a stun gun, they know you mean business and you are not an easy prey. You are better left alone.

On the other hand, if you have a simple item, like a cell phone, in your hand you are not attracting attention to yourself but at the same time your stun gun safety is off, your finger is on the discharge button and it’s ready to fire in split second. The assailant comes close to you… semi-relaxed… imagining an easy win and… a million volts knocks the attacker down.

Hmmm… We let you decide what strategy is best for you.

It could be that the “stun gun as deterrent” would work best where one can expect a random attack from a random person. It makes sense for such a random predator to look for an easier target. But what about when the attack is not random and the assailant targets you specifically. Then a stun gun disguised as some everyday object could make the difference.
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If you favor the strategy of surprise, here is the new product for you: a cell phone stun gun.
It looks like a cell phone and packs up 1,000,000 (1 Million) volts of electricity.
That’s a lot of volts, that’s pretty much the maximum volts you can buy now.
Keep in mind, this stun gun does not function like a cell phone, the look is for deception only.

The cell phone stun gun also has a built-in flashlight with multiple blindingly bright LEDs.
It will be helping you on a dark street whether you need to avoid the attack or to walk around the puddle.

The cell phone stun gun comes with a carrying case and all necessary batteries.
It’s ready to fire when the batteries are in.
The stun gun has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.
Do you want to buy this the cell phone stun gun?
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What do you think is the best strategy with stun guns: a warning shot or a surprise delivery?
Leave us your opinion below.