Is Mace Legal In California?

From Carolinn:


I wish to purchase Mace with UV dye. I live in California.
I took a class over 15 years ago to enable me to purchase & carry mace.
I am pretty sure my mace is no longer good. Does it have an expiration? Is a license still necessary?
I don’t know where my card is, or if it is still valid. In short… will you ship to California?
Do I need any type of authorization card?

Dear Carolinn,

Thank you for your interest in our products!

You are correct: your mace can purchased several years ago is no longer reliable.
You will do yourself a great favor by discarding it.
The pepper liquid inside the canister could still be potent but there is no guarantee
the canister still holds enough pressure to shoot (or spray) it at a safe distance.
Please dispose of the old canister.

Based on our experience we strongly recommend replacing old pepper spray or mace cans every 12 months.

As far as we know, the state of California does not require any special license for defensive sprays.
You can purchase them on-line and we will ship it to you in California right away.
No authorization card is necessary.

If you are looking for a similar Mace with UV dye, you will find it on this page:
(Mace with UV dye Personal Model)


or here:
(Mace with UV dye Police Model, slightly bigger)


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Look forward to seeing you in the store,
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