I Want To Buy A Pepper Spray But My Husband Says “No”

“Dear Pepper Spray Center,

I want to buy a pepper spray and my husbands says no, because the pepper spray may explode, because it happened to my mother in law.


Is that true, can pepper sprays explode?

Thank you.

It’s a great question, Kiana! Thank you!
So you want to know is it possible to have a safe experience carrying pepper spray.

Here is what you need to know:

Dear Kiana,

Your husband’s concern is meaningful and well grounded.

Pepper sprays in aerosol cans are not different from other aerosol-ed products, like bug spray or hair spray.
Under certain conditions exceeding their operational range they can leak.
We have never encountered a pepper spray can that literally exploded but we saw a number of reports of canisters losing their internal pressure because of some leaks.

We would not want to leave a regular canister in a car on a hot summer day, for example.
Even if it’s “only” 100 F outside, the temperature inside the vehicle may reach 200 degrees F and up.
Under these conditions, the pressure inside the aerosol canister builds up to such a degree that the stress on all seams of the can becomes too much to bear. The canister pops a leak. The gas escapes. It could be called a small explosion.

What do you do?

1) Buy established brands (not a guarantee, of course, but better than the cheap ones)
2) Keep your pepper spray with you at all times (otherwise, how will it protect?)
3) If temperature range is a concern (you live in the South or way up North), buy PepperBlaster II device.

The Pepper Blaster is guaranteed to never leak (it just can’t) and because of that it has the broadest operational temperature range of ALL pepper spray devices out there.

If you interested in the Pepper Blaster, here is the link to the product page.

Overall, in our opinion, for a lady, like yourself, the benefits of having a pepper spray protection in her disposal in the moment of aggression by far outweigh any inconveniences with the canister.

Look forward to seeing you back in the store,