Have you tested the GuardianAngel unit?

I was wondering if you have tested the Guardian Angel unit?
I bought one
from a local gun range and overall I think it is a great product. Only one
thing concerns me. Are 2 shots enough to stop an attacker? My concern is if
I miss the target I only have one shot left and what about multiple
attackers? I guess I could carry a small 1/2 ounce unit in my pocket as a
back up. I was just wondering what your opinion was on the overall
functioning of the unit? Is it easy to hit your target?

Brent, Oklahoma City

Thank you for your question!
Yes, we tested the Guardian Angel unit.
Targeting was natural and easy.
The delivery is lightning fast and extremely effective.
No dodging, running away, blocking seem to be possible.
The force of delivery is amazing.
One delivered shot will be quite enough to switch someone’s focus from
aggression to mere survival.
Remember, you should use it only to give you lead time to run away from the
We would definitely put our bets on you with a GuardianAngel unit against 2
If you face situations where you are against a crowd – we would recommend
only one thing:
Kimber LifeAct JPX: reloadable OC launcher pistol used by Law enforcement
and special units for crowd control.