Fight back with pepper spray and succeed

Here are 3 stories recently reported by media where a would-be “victim” turned out to be a winner.
In all 3 stories young ladies while in desperate predicament fought back with a mere can of pepper spray and saved their dignity and most likely — their lives.

1) Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Ill. Attempted robbery “victim” fights back with pepper spray

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2) University of Tennessee student under attack used her wits and pepper spray to escape serious harm.

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3) A woman attacked in Chicago, Ill said pepper spray saved her life.

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The first story comes from NIU in DeKalb, Illinois. At 2:04 a.m. a student was walking alone on the sidewalk when she was approached by three men. One of them asked the student for a cigarette and when she reached into her purse, one of the men demanded her wallet.
Instead, the brave student then pulled a can of pepper spray from her purse, sprayed the suspect in the face and fled the area. No property was taken.
Full NIU pepper spray story here:

The second and a more dramatic story from Tennessee: Early Sunday morning, a young 21 year old woman said she was attacked in the Fort Sanders neigborhood. She was walking alone and noticed a car that suddenly turned around and drove toward her. The young woman tried to outrun the car and hide on a porch. The car passenger was chased her down and hit her with a rod or a baton. Then he grabbed her by hair and dragged her down the steps. That is when the brave girl used her pepper spray. She had nothing to loose at the moment. The man ran after she sprayed him with pepper spray. The story was reported here:

The third story happenned in Chicago.
A young lady left her job at a bar at 2 a.m., got in a cab, and when it pulled away, the man attacked her. “He came out of nowhere,” Elizabeth said. “All of the sudden, I’m attacked from behind and pushed down.”
She was very courageous, and I give her a lot of credit for doing that,” said Chicago police Sgt. Debra DeYoung. Elizabeth urged everyone to buy a can of pepper spray and have it at the ready. “Go and buy mace,” she said. “When you have it, and you get out and you know you’re going to be outside alone, physically have it in your hand ready. Because if I hadn’t had it ready, it would have been in my bag –what’s the use of having it?”

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