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A pepper spray or a stun gun will help you to protect your life and dignity in some situations. What do you do if the situation you are in is much more serious and complex? You might need help of a professional to protect you, your family, your business.

We are happy to introduce to our customers Private Investigative Agency of Edward Lewis.

LPI SERVICES is a Washington State Licensed Private Investigative Agency No.796 and a Washington State Registered Process Server.
Edward Lewis is the Agency Principal.

His resume at times reads like a detective novel: investigation and return of two children abducted to the Philippines in 2002. Lewis has coordinated, corresponded or worked in cooperation with the U.S. Philippine Embassy, US State Department in Washington DC, Passport Alert, Hauge Convention, Washington State Patrol Missing Clearance House for Children, FBI, local prosecutors, UFAP warrant process, bench warrants and the Sheriff’s office.

He was featured on news television KIRO, KOMO, KING, KCPQ, regarding high profile cases he has worked on. He has guessed appeared on Seattle talk radio show KEZX-KWJZ. Lewis also wrote a book “Hostile Ground” available at Paladin Press.

His agency investigated cases associated with murder, wrongful death, assault, suicide, burglary, check fraud, DNA sampling, forensic document examination, slander, undercover, missing person, surveillance, computer forensics, background info, witness locate, statements & interviews, fraudulent insurance claim, worker’s compensation, activities monitoring, asset search, skip trace, unfaithful spouse, divorce, custody, identity theft, debugging and drugs.


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email: helpmenow@edwardlewispi.com – or call us at 253-761-2574