DragonFire – powerful reloadable pepper spray shooter.

There is a new addition to the Hi-Power Pepper Spray shooters family:
The DragonFireOC or just the DragonFire.
Do you know what Pepper Spray Shooters are and how they work?..

All Pepper Spray Shooters, like the GuardianAngel or the JPX Jet Protector, use their internal power resources to shoot the pepper solution. You don’ have to spray it anymore, you just aim and shoot.
The force of the shot and the speed of it are remarkable and the defense results are superior.

The GuardianAngel and the JPX Jet Protector use their internal pyrotechnic drives to shoot the pepper spray out.

The DragonFire uses a patented canister that develops very high pressure right at the moment of the shooting. The pepper solution then shot from the nozzle with tremendous speed and flies to about 18 – 20 feet.
No wind blowback, no spraying bystanders, no contaminating yourself.

When the shot is done, the canister is empty and should be discarded
However, the huge advantage of the DragonFire over the GuardianAngel is that the DragonFire is re-loadable. The refill canisters are available and sold separately.

The DragonFireOC in its basic configuration comes equiped with 2 canisters: one contains Pepper spray, another — water. Why water?
For practice shooting, of course!

Another big advantage of the DragonFireOC is that it has a LED flashlight built-in, so you can easily use it when it is dark already. The 3 pill-size batteries are included.

The following collection of photographs, we hope, will give a good idea how the pepper shooter DragonFireOC looks like and how it operates.

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