Does Pepper Spray or Mace expire?

Does pepper spray have an expiration date? Does it lose power over a certain time period? Just wondering, had a conversation with a co-employee, of which has a daughter in college and she stated that her daughter has been carrying the same bottle for over two year. And I heard that is lost the power if it was old. Could you please verify.


80171You are absolutely correct: all pepper spray products (or Mace products, to this matter) do have an expiration date. For the self-defense products it is usually between 9 to 12 months, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.


We also recommend to test pepper sprays and mace sprays every 3 months to check that the pressure in the canister propels the mixture sufficiently far.
A 2- year old canister has to be replaced by a new one – no questions, no doubts about it!
It is simply dangerous to rely on it and carry around.

Please get back to our store (www.PepperSprayCenter.Com) as soon as possible to get the replacement for this old dangerous bottle of pepper spray.

Look forward to seeing you in store soon!

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