Does Pepper Spray Ever Go Bad?

20100729-pepper spray goes bad

Does the pepper spray go bad or lose its effect as it gets older?

I am purchasing these for friends and I will giving them the sprays through out the year for their birthdays, some are not until December.

Should I buy pepper spray now or wait?

Denise A.

Dear Denise,

The pepper spray does not go bad but we do not recommend keeping it for over a year because some (!) canisters might loose pressure over time.
Nothing dramatic, but, if this is the case, after some time the range of the spray would be much smaller than normal.
In a dangerous situation every foot of safety for you is very important.
So just in case, change your pepper spray canister once a year.
The spray canisters are relatively cheap, and your safety is well worth it.
Think of it like changing batteries in your smoke detector.
Just do it.

As for your question about your friends’ birthday presents, we would say buy pepper spray right before their birthdays to get maximum life span out of it.

Here is our advice in one sentence:
replace pepper spray once a year, carry it on your person at all times, know how to use it and don’t be shy about it.