Brave business woman from Deltona, FL used pepper spray and stopped a burglar.

Karen Williams, 49, who owned the Appleby’s Produce store was reportedly “sick and tired” of constant burglaries of her delivery truck.
After she reported 6 or 7 burglaries night after night, Karen decided "to take care of business" herself…

Karen armed herself with a can of pepper spray and stayed inside her delivery truck parked for the night. When a burglar open the truck’s door, she sprayed him in the face with a couple of good full blasts of Mace pepper spray.

The burglar tried to run away but under the effects of pepper spray seeing next to nothing he could not flee too far and was taken into custody by the Police patrol dispatched to the scene.

The burglar, whose name did not deserve to be published, was sent to the Florida Hospital Fish Memorial. He was treated, then released from the Hospital, then booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail, then posted $5,000 bail and got out. He was charged with attempted burglary..

Although the Deltona Police commented that they usually try to discourage private citizens from confronting criminals, the population of Deltona supported the brave woman leaving comments and sending emails to local media outlets.

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