Blast 950 Stun gun Review


Blast 950 stun gun (also known as Blast Knuckles) is probably the most unusual
stun gun on the market today.
How many times have you heard opinions that
the assailant can take way your self-defense weapon away from you?
Not this one!
We recommend Blast 950 stun gun to women because by design this stungun
can not be taken away from you at all.
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As the name implies, the Blast 950 stun gun possesses the largest electric charge available on the market now: 950,000 volts!
This is almost 1 million volts of angry electricity!
Even 100,000 volts will do the job of incapacitating an assailant but the powerful look and sound of 1 Million volt arc surely
has deeper psychological effect.

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Everything in the design of the Blast 950 (aka Blast Knuckles) stungun combines common sense, street wisdom with modern technology.
The stun gun is worn above the knuckles on your hand and has a very aggressive look just by itself.
Is it important?
You bet it is!
This stun gives you a look of someone who is ready to go great length to protect youself.
It projects an image you are ready to fire and do anything for self-protection.
Chances are, and psychological studies support this, that if a would-be assailant spots that device on your hand he would rather move on searching for a less troublesome prey.
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The Blast 950 stungun is the best stungun for joggers. Period.
As you noticed, it is always ON your hand, you do not have to reach for it or fetch it from a pocket or a belt.
It fits on the hand nicely, the trigger mechanism is inside the bracket,
right under your index finger.
The safety latch guards against accidental discharges, it operates by your
index finger, as well.
Firing the Blast 950 stungun takes less than a second, it’s instantaneous.

The front bracket is very light, made out of plastic because it does not have to withstand fighting.
It only holds the electrodes and is very light.

The Blast 950 comes equipped with 2 CR123A batteries already.
They are common type, used widely in digital cameras and sold even in variety stores.

Like all stun guns, Blast 950 works on the contact with the assailant.
The electric charges of almost 1 Million volt overrides the nervous system of
the person and incapacitates the assailant. The person can not move a muscle
for 5-10 minutes which is plenty to leave the danger zone.

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