Animal Repellent sprays in New York !!!

Some positive news for New York state residents:

Our distributors told us that they will indeed ship Animal repellent sprays to New York state residents!

New Yorkers knew although Pepper sprays and Mace are LEGAL in New York state, however, a law of the state regulates the sales of Defensive Sprays inside the NY state and prohibits their shipment to NY state residents. It means that if you buy pepper spray at, we will not be able to ship it to you.

So why Animal Repellent sprays are OK? What are those sprays? Where could you buy them?

Read on…

If you are getting the pepper sprays (or Mace) to ward off dogs and other
animals in NY, you can now easily buy animal repellent (or “repellant”) sprays and get them shipped to you.

Animal repellent sprays ARE allowed to be shipped to NY state residents.

You can see the selection of dog spray (canine spray) and bear sprays here.













As you will see, they are made by the same company: Mace, with the same

ingredients (pepper spray, or OC – oleoresin capsicum).

They are EPA approved and ARE ALLOWED to be sold and shipped to NY state

So, to protect yourself from various animals, go online and buy the
protection you want:

Buy Animal Repellent here.