How to Shop Online


What is your 30 day money back guarantee?

Most of our products are covered by our own 30 day money back guarantee.
If within 30 days you change your mind and decide that you do not want to use the product
you bought from you can return it for the full refund.

The product MUST BE still UNOPENED/SEALED, not damaged, not used and with all documents:
-- just send it back in the same shape and form as you have got it.
Please understand: Pepper sprays and Mace sprays are "perishable" products so time to make up your mind is only 30 days.
30 days is plenty of time to decide if you want the item or not.
If you are not sure about the item, please do not destroy seals, do not break protective plastic shells.
Items that have been opened, items with destroyed seals, broken protective shells can not be returned.
Shipping is not refundable.

Do I need to register?

There are no obligations whatsoever if you decide to register without making a purchase.
The site will create an account for you only if you are making a purchase.
You will be able to find your order status and shipping information.
You may access your account by using your email address and a password that you have created.
Only you will have access to this information.
If you are signed up on our email list, this does not mean you are registered.

How do I register?

Simply click on "MY ACCOUNT" or "LOG IN" links on top of every page and you will see
the registration page that will walk you through the process.
If you have never purchased from us before, you must register with us to place an order.
If you already have items in your cart and are ready to complete your order, simply click on "CHECKOUT",
and this will also automatically direct you to our registration page.

What if I forget my password?

Simply visit this link: Forgotten Password
If you ever forget your password again, there is always a link on the Log In page.
By providing your email address, via a secure, encrypted connection, will email you
a new password that you may later change by visiting "MY ACCOUNT" once you log-in successfully.
Passwords are case sensitive.

How do I change my password?

Once you log-in to your account, you may change your password by clicking on "MY ACCOUNT".
Then click on "CHANGE PASSWORD".
Enter your new password and click on "Submit".
"MY ACCOUNT" is a useful destination for configuring your account to your liking.

How do I make changes to my account profile?

Log into your account, and click on "MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION" located at the top of your account page.
Make the necessary changes to your account, (i.e. email address, password, billing address, etc.).
Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on "Submit".
The changes you have made will now be saved to your profile.

How to shop online

Once you're done shopping, checking out is easy.
If you have items in your cart you may always view them by clicking "SHOPPING CART" link on the top of any page.
You may also checkout by clicking on the "CHECKOUT" button located on any item detail page.

Once you are viewing the contents of your cart, you may adjust quantities in your cart
by changing the number to the left of items, and then by clicking "UPDATE CART" button
after all quantity adjustments have been made.

Once you are ready to checkout with the selected items, click on the "CHECKOUT" button in your shopping cart.
At this point if you have not registered with us before, you will have an opportunity to sign-up for a new account.
If you have already registered with us before, simply sign-in using your email address and the password
that you created for the account.

What is "checkout"?

Checkout is a simple procedure of 3 easy steps where you can specify the necessary information for processing of your order. The checkout procedure of is very smooth: hundreds of customers accomplish it every day. Average time: 2 minutes.
The steps of the checkout are:
Step 1: Delivery and Shipping Information;
Step 2: Billing Information;
Step 3: Final check and confirmation.
and... Success! You are done!...

Checkout Step 1: What is "delivery information"?

On the first page of the checkout you will specify where you want your order to be shipped to.
You may use your own address, or you may select from the list of addresses you used before, or you may provide somebody else's address altogether. It can be ANY address.
You will also select the shipper and the shipping option, if more than one is available.
When you are done with the delivery information -- click "Continue".

Checkout Step 2: Why billing address is so important to me?

On the second page of the checkout you choose how you want to pay for the order.
A correct billing address you provide there will save you a lot of time, if entered properly.
If you pay by a credit card, please pay attention to the billing address: it must be exactly the same as the address on your credit card statement. Your bank will verify this address in real time online and will reject your credit card if it is not the address they have on file. You will be asked to re-enter the billing address one more time.

Checkout Step 2: Which payment options will I have? accepts the following payment options: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Express PayPal checkout is also available.
When finished -- click "Continue"...

Checkout Step 3: Verify and Confirm your order

This is the last step where you have a bird's eye view of your order: you can see and verify any information you just entered. When satisfied -- click "Confirm" and you are done.

Do you charge sales tax? is located in state of Massachusetts. We are required by law to collect sales tax from Massachusetts residents for purchases delivered within Massachusetts.
If for whatever reason our website overcharges the sales tax on your purchase, contact us and we will correct it immediately. Compliance with any other state sales or use tax is the responsibility of the customer. Contact your state’s tax division for more information.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an order confirmation once your order has been successfully transmitted.
In addition, a shipping confirmation e-mail will be sent once your order has been shipped.
This confirmation will include the tracking number for your package, if it is available.
These email confirmations are automatic and are sent immediately upon a change of order status.
(If you do not see any e-mail confirmations in your Inbox, please check your e-mail Bulk folder.)
You may check the status of your order at anytime by visiting "MY ACCOUNT" at the top of any page.
Once you login to your account using your email address and password, click on "View Orders"
to view past orders and current orders that you have placed.
From here you can determine when your order was actually shipped to you.

How can I modify my order?

Please be advised that once an order has been placed we are unable to make any modifications to the order.