Home Protection

Do you want to sleep well at night in your appartment or in your hotel room? Do you want to go out certain that your valuables and jewelry are well hidden from thieves? Do you want to protect your house even when you are not there?
Be a magician: detect who lurks behind the walls, hide your valuables in plain sight, get "ghost" dogs to sense the strangers outside and many more...

  Big Jammer Door Brace


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  Dual Function Door Brace


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  Electronic Watch Dog


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  Mini Alert Alarm


  Motion Alert


  Pool Alarm Child Protector


  Slide Away Alarm, Black


  Super Door Stop


  Voice Alert Extra Sensor


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  Voice Alert System 6


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  Window Alert


  Diversion Safe, DS-Book


  Diversion Safe, DS-Flowerpot


  Diversion Safe, DS-Peanut Butter


  Diversion Safe, DS-Saltshaker


  Diversion Safe, DS-Soda


  Diversion Safe, DS-Stone


  Diversion Safe, DS-Wall Outlet


  Diversion Safe: Beer can, Soda can


  Dummy Camera


  Diversion Safe, DS-Dried Soup


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