Practice Fogger, Inert Fogger Spray 2 oz

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Practice Spray, Inert Fogger Spray - 2 oz can.

This canister has the same look and feel as a regular 2 oz Fogger pepper spray (PS-5F, for example).

Its content is water and it is inert, there is no OC (pepper spray) inside.

The purpose of the inert, water-based spray is to practice with it safely before you deploy a real pepper spray. It's a great tool for martial art classes.

You need to practice your defensive moves and get used to spray's shooting pattern. Foggers are different from regular streamers, their pattern is different and practicing is highly recommended.

We also carry the same practice inert 2oz canister with a "normal" streaming pattern.


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  • Model: INERT-2F
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