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Student Protection on Campus and in School: Pepper sprays and Alarms

2007 school year came down in history as one of the most violent year for students in the US.
We all heard about horrific events on campuses in Virginia and Reno.
Dozens of campuses across the country did not make first pages of national news but had to deal with sexual assaults, rapes, and burglaries. Police Departments on campuses do their job patrolling the grounds and educating students in self-defense.
Here is what you can do too:

We prepared a kit of the most popular and handy self-defense devices for students on and off campus.
Look what's in it:

  • 2 cans of the most popular pepper spray ($16.00)
  • a personal alarm on the keychain (120 decibel noise level - that's a lot) ($17.00)
  • a door alarm (120 decibel noise level, as well) ($17.00)
  • an e-book: "How to use pepper spray properly." ($9.99 value)

(Note: Some stores try to sell you a stun gun for self-defense on campus.
Bad idea, do not buy stun guns for students because Police Departments on campuses usually prohibit possession of stun guns, just like they do with firearms. Campus police is fine with students carrying pepper sprays.)

Here is what these devices can do for safety of students:

The 2 cans of pepper sprays will be able to protect you around the clock - always in your pocket on the keychain.
You can use it outdoors or if attack happens in your room -- indoors.
Why do you need two cans of pepper spray?
Listen, you have to practice using this simplest spray can.
Yes, it is very simple to think how you will use the spray when danger strikes but when someone attacks you, all that thinking will not help. Only skills developed while practicing will save you. Practice is easy - go outside, check the wind direction and absence of bystanders. Shoot down wind. Find a tree or a lamp post, pretend it is an attacker, spray the area where the attacker's face would be. That's all it takes.

The Personal alarm on the keychain creates a loud shriek (120 dB) when you press a button.
It attracts attention instantly.
The decisive action of your setting off an alarm and the attention of other people will defuse many a situation that if left unaddressed could become an attack.
Excellent and safe device could be used anywhere!

The door alarm will protect you while you are asleep.
First -- it will keep your room's door closed, like an additional lock.
Secondly, if the door gets opened, the alarm (120 dB) is set off.
Get this alarm and sleep well.

Finally, the e-book about Pepper Sprays and how to use them.
Written by a Law Enforcement expert and trainer it is full of tips and advices that even our own experts knew nothing about. This excellent e-book will show you how to use pepper spray in different situations and explains how to defend your case in court. That's really helpful.

What do you do next:
Compare the cost and the value:
Just the devices alone cost about $50.00, with the book -- almost $60.00
We discounted it as much as we could and will give it to you for $39.99 before the school year ends.

Click on the bright button on the right "Add To Cart" to buy one.
If you need more than one kit, enter the number of kits you need.

Pepper sprays are legal in New York and MA (FID required) but they may not be shipped to NY or MA.
They can be shipped to any other state.
Kit contains:
2 x PS-1A Pepper Spray 1/2oz on the keychain with Quick Release (Model: PS-1A, 10% OC, 2,000,000 S.H.U.)
1 x HP-388 Electronic Pocket Whistle - Perosnal Alarm (Model: HP-388)
1 x Super Door Stop Alarm (Model: DSAL-2)
1 x e-Book "How to Use Pepper Spray" (Download link)

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