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Kimber Pepper Blaster II Guardian Angel - new model!

As seen in "1st Freedom" and "American Rifleman" Magazines

Pepper Blaster II is  the new model of the famous Kimber Guardian Angel Pepper Blaster (the older model of Kimber pepper spray blaster is no longer available for sale). The PepperBlaster 2 will have the same characteristics as those that made the previous Kimber Pepper Spray model so successful in the US (especially among women).



Pepper Spray Center recommendation
   Pepper Blaster II is the most heat resistant pepper spray: 176°F (80°C)
   New ergonomic shape allows easier handling, sharper aiming
  Shoots straight through wind, rain: no blowback, no cross contamination
  Shoots attackers 13 feet away (vs. regular sprays only 6'-8')
  It is so fast that no blocking, no dodging, no running away is possible
  Cheaper than regular sprays because it needs no annual replacement



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We've been selling Pepper Blaster since 2007. My opinion has always been that this is the best Pepper Spray system available to consumers in the US right now. As a matter of fact, I always keep the PepperBlaster in the glove compartment of our car.

Difference:  This is the new model of the Pepper Blaster. The difference is in the shape: the handle on the new Pepper Blaster II provides better grip and the vertical position of the Pepper Blaster makes your aiming so much sharper.

Here is a Pepper Blaster II video commercial that outlines some major advantages of the Pepper Blaster:



 For your convenience, here is another, now instructional, Pepper Blaster video:

If you want to know what Pepper Blaster is, please read about it here.

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The only thing you need to know is that the Pepper Blaster shoots pepper spray (pepper gel, actually) toward the attacker using its own drive! Women love it.

You pull the trigger and the pepper spray leaves the device with the amazing speed of 90 mph and flies toward the attacker's face with its every drop as angry as a baseball bat!!

Why the speed is so important? I'll tell you why:

Because the shot is so quick it is impossible for the agressor to dodge or block it. It is impossible to run away from it. Great product!

Download/View Pepper Blaster II Manual (pdf).


Situation in some states:

Massachusetts: Legal to possess with Firearm ID, but can not be shipped to MA.

New York: Legal to possess, but can not be shipped to NY.

California: Illegal to possess, unless a law enforcement personnel, can not be shipped to CA.

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