Mace Pepper Gun: Pepper Spray Shooter, DragonFire OC

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Available colors: Black Matte, and Silver.

Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray with STROBE LED, Matte Black  Mace® Pepper Gun - Silver 


Mace Pepper Gun (a.k.a. DragonFireOC) - new Pepper Spray Gun!

The Mace Pepper Gun (formerly DragonFire OC) is the newest addition to the new generation of Pepper spray systems. These new systems do not "spray" or squirt liquid pepper solution, they shoot it instead. Pepper spray gus, like the Guardian Angel PepperBlaster and the JPX Jet Protector, are used by professional security and military units all around the world. The technology is now available to you. The DragonFireOC pepper gun, formerly manufactured by DragonFire, is now distributed by Mace and is called Mace Gun.

The Mace Pepper Gun is re-loadable. After one cartridge is depleted you can insert a new cartridge a use it right away. Using reloadable cartridges saves money.  Extra cartridges are available from this page at the discount.

When you easily squeeze the trigger, this special, patent-pending cartridge shoots the pepper spray for you at a range of more than 20 feet or 6 meters. The trick is in the special, patent pending, cartridge that develops very high pressure at the very moment of shooting.

You can shoot across the wind and there is no blowback danger.


The DragonFire (Mace Gun) was designed like a conventional pistol, the familiar feel ensures easy training and accurate shot delivery. If fired in rapid succession the Mace Pepper Gun (DragonFire) fires 7 bursts per cartridge. You can also fire one continuous shot and "paint" the target with the stream. After the cartridge is spent the Mace Pepper Gun can be momentarily reloaded with another cartridge.


Extra refill cartridges are available at a discount if bought with the gun.


The Mace Gun (DragonFire) is equipped with a built-in LED light so you can use it at night. The light is very bright, so at night it also gives you an advantage by blinding the assailant.

Regular Kit Includes:

  • 1 Mace Pepper Gun pistol
  • 1 practice cartridge with Water
  • 1 live cartridge with OC spray
  • 3 batteries for the built-in light.

Pepper spray are legal in New York and MA, this product may not be shipped to NY or MA.
Click here to buy spray for New York. 




Here you will find refill cartridges for Mace Pepper Gun.

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  • Model: 8040-COLOR

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