Buy Mace Spray

When you buy Mace spray you buy the most popular and trusted brand name among defensive sprays. Some Mace defensive sprays are regular pepper sprays and also contain tear gas and UV dye to mark the assailant. Like any other self-defense sprays, Mace products, when applied, cause extreme pain, involuntary eyes closure and severe difficulties breathing. These Mace spray effects last 20-30 minutes giving you plenty of time to escape. They cause no permanent damage. Here you can buy Mace protection for yourself and your house:
- Mace spray on keychain,
- Mace Foam,
- Mace spray Triple Action,
- Mace spray with tear gas and UV dye,
- Mace spray Magnum size.
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*Want to buy Mace for New York state? Only few Mace sprays could be shipped to NY.
Click here to buy Mace sprays legal in NY.