Pepper Blaster II and Pepper Blaster Spontaneous Review

pepper blaster ii by Kimber
Just few days ago we received this email from a Pepper Blaster owner:

"Is the original Kimber pepper blaster still available, or is only the new
stupid bright red "draw attention to me" model II available?

You could clip the original to a belt - and no one would look at you twice.
The ergonomics were perfect. I think all mine expire in June 2011, and the
red Kimber - not working for me.

I have a Kimber Custom II in .45 ca., and really loved the original.
I don't know how Kimber could have screwed this up...


Our response to the guy could be of interest to our readers and all Pepper Blaster owners out there, So -- read on...

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Pepper Blaster II video

Pepper Blaster II is finaly in the US.


As you can see from this picture it is an enhanced version of the old faithful Guardian Angel.
If you do not know what PepperBlaster is we've prepared the videos for you.
If you are a devoted fan of PepperBlasters you likely want to know when do we start shipping them.
We have the answer for you inside.

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Pepper spray, room alarm and a personal siren for students' safety.

pepper spray for student self-defense
Movable safety for students: Pepper spray, personal siren and room alarm.

Students are back to colleges and campuses and parents are back to worries about well-being of their kids away from home.
What do they eat? do they have everything they need? do they study well? whom do they date?
Sounds somewhat familiar?

We do not even pretend to list all parents' worries here, there are many.
However there is one that we have to mention nowadays: are they safe around the campus and in school?
We can help to calm this worry: here is what we've got for the students' safety...

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Pepper Blaster GuardianAngel Review

Pepper Blaster GuardianAngel PepperBlaster by Kimber

I own 3 of theese.

Tested one Pepper Blaster and it was very easy to hit the target.
I got some of the OC spray on my skin and it caused a burn that lasted about 24 hours.
This product is 10% OC 2.4% Major Capsaicinoids (Bear Spray is 2.0% OC) with 399,000 at the nozzle heat derived from raw food grade [peppers] OC with 4 Million Scoville heat units.

I hope I never have to use this but if I do I know the Pepper Blaster will work.

---by Brent376

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Will Kimber Pepper Spray be redone? Or re-priced?

The most popular, most elegant and most forceful line of pepper sprays known as Kimber Lifeact could have a makeover experience in the nearest future.
Kimber pepper spray GuardianAngel

As you might know, Kimber pepper sprays of Lifeact line are sold as Guardian Angel and JPX Jet Protector.
We all love the Guardian Angel pepper spray due to its power, speed, and clean modern design. It is not your ordinary spray, instead it shoots the OC (liquid pepper) solution with enormous (90mph) speed.
We've got information that Kimber, the company that distribute this Swiss product in the US, plans to improve upon this already hugely successful product. Who knows what is it going to be? It could be something trivial like new colors or new packaging, or something disastrous, like a new name for this popular product. Or maybe in the days of $4.50 gasoline it's just a price increase. Whatever it's going to be: We know you are listening, Kimber: we LOVE you pepper spray products, keep changes to the minimum, don't mess with your own HUGE success.

You can buy Kimber Guardian Angel here.

How Pepper Spray works

Watch this entertaining video show about what effects pepper sprays produce on a regular human.
The TV series "Human Guinea Pigs" personalities volunteered to be pepper sprayed and filmed.

Volunteers get some pepper spray

While being entertained, please pay attention to 3 things in this video:

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Review of DragonFire OC Pepper Spray Shooter, by Albert Beever

I have tested the DragonFireOC gun and found it to be the best thing I have ever seen for self protection... (click the link below to read the full review)


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Bear Spray: Please read this article -- it might save your life!

Does bear spray really work?
Bear Spray BR-9

The answer is a qualified "YES," according to Stephen Herrero, Ph.D., author of "Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance" and professor of environmental science, University of Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Herrero, a noted researcher of bear behavior and attacks, along with Andrew Higgins, a university colleague, examined 66 field cases in which various brands of bear spray were used on black and grizzly bears that displayed behavior ranging from overly curious to actively aggressive toward humans. They concluded that, "while we don't know how these encounters would have ended in the absence of spray, the use...appears to have prevented injury in most cases," Dr. Herrero says.

Dr. Herrero, other bear experts, and even bear spray manufacturers agree on one important point: Bear spray is a last resort after all other appropriate precautions--storing food in bearproof containers, keeping a clean camp, making lots of noise while hiking, steering clear of areas with fresh bear scat or digs--have failed.

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DragonFire - powerful reloadable pepper spray shooter.

There is a new addition to the Hi-Power Pepper Spray shooters family:
The DragonFireOC or just the DragonFire.
Do you know what Pepper Spray Shooters are and how they work?..
Pepper Spray Shooter DragonFire

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Video: Handling GuardianAngel Pepper Spray Shooter

This is the 3rd video about the new generation Pepper Spray system: the Guardian Angel Pepper Spray Launcher, distributed in the US as Kimber Lifeact and sold here at PepperSprayCenter.com
Guardian Angel Demo PepperSprayCenter.com
This video shows instructions of handling the GuardianAngel Pepper Spray shooter.
Viewers, pay attentions: Some handling techniques are the same for regular pepper sprays in bottles!

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Pepper Blaster Video: Part II.

Watch this demonstration of the field use of
the Pepper Blaster by Kimber (a.k.a. Guardian Angel Pepper Spray), distributed in the US as Kimber Lifeact and sold here at PepperSprayCenter.com
Pepper Blaster Demo PepperSprayCenter.com

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Pepper Spray and Mace.

In general, US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations prohibit passengers and crewmembers from carrying hazardous materials (dangerous goods) aboard commercial aircraft. However, ONE CAN of Pepper spray or Mace spray is ALLOWED in checked-in baggage only if it is under 4oz.

pepperspray PS-1A 1/2oz

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Watch In Awe: Pepper Blaster Guardian Angel in action

Watch this police demonstration of the ease and the power of
the new generation Pepper Blaster Guardian Angel Pepper Spray Shooter.
We have never seen anything like this before!!!

Guardianangel kimber lifeact

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The most expensive pepper spray we know about

These are the most expensive Pepper spray products we know about:
Pepper spray in Swarowsky crystals: $295.00
Price tag? - $295.00
Do you want to know what makes them so different and expensive?

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Temperature outside and number of sexual assault crimes

According to the statistics reported from Beijing, China, the number of sexual assault crimes correlates with the temperature outside.
The numbers hint that at under 65 degrees Fahrenheit .....

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New York Law on Pepper Sprays

Read the full text of the New York State Penal Law
Exemption of Weapons Law ?265.
Sale of "self-defense spray device"

In brief:
* No sale to minors under 18.
* No sale to anyone with felony convictions or assaults.
* Sale only through an authorized dealer, pharmacy or gun dealer.
* Sale after you complete a form with your name, address, birth date and signature.

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Restrictions on Pepper Sprays in MA, MI, NY, and WI

As you might already know, the Pepper Sprays and Mace are legal in all states. However, certain states and localities do have some restrictions on pepper sprays.
The states of New York, Massachusestts, Wisconsin and Michigan have the following restrictions, of which we are aware:

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In 2005 Florida confirms open carrying of pepper spray and stun guns!

In 2005 Florida Statute
790.053 Open carrying of weapons.--

(2) A person may openly carry, for purposes of lawful self-defense:

(a) A self-defense chemical spray.

(b) A nonlethal stun gun or remote stun gun or other nonlethal electric weapon or device which does not fire a dart or projectile and is designed solely for defensive purposes.

Read full text by clicking "read more..."

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Statistics about rape and sexual assault

If you have not seen the numbers before, the statistics below are shocking.
You might want to think twice about reading them if you are a sympathetic, empathic person.

However, this is what it is: women or men, kids or adults of all ethnic backgrounds could be sexually assaulted...

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What are Pepper Sprays and Mace are made of?

chilli peppers
You probably read already that the active ingredient in Pepper sprays and Mace is OC, i.e. Oleoresin Capsicum. What is OC?

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