How To Save Buying Stun Gun Or Taser

stun gun savingsWhile you are here in the blog reading all stun gun reviews and watching videos about taser or pepper spray, you might come to a point when you are ready to buy one of these things. You are done with education and brand selection and now it's time to buy one of those stun guns or maybe a taser. Do you want to go google through all other merchants' websites to find the right price, shipping and tax combination? -- No, of course, not.

Here is a simple advice to save you money and time.
Actually you will save a lot, Here is how you will do it: (Read more...)

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Pepper Spray Sends Robber Running

March 3, 2011. Derry, New Hampshire Police reported that another store robbery was thwarted by simple pepper spray.
A man walked into convenient store in Derry, NH and demanded cash from the store owner. The store owner sprayed the would-be robber in the face with pepper spray instead.

What happened next illustrates how pepper spray affects people's physiology, reflexes and behavior. Read on...

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Man Defends His Property With Bear Repellent Pepper Spray

robbers stealing A/C, home surveillance cameraToday we have a story from Atlanta, GA.

A homeowner in DeKalb county got his house air conditioning units stolen right from his back yard. Not once but two times in a row. Mind you, those were not some window A/C units, no, we are talking two stationary units bolted to the cement foundation next to his house -- heavy stuff.

After the first crime, Roby Dail, the homeowner in the story, replaced two stolen units and put a steel case around them. In a few months the A/C units got stolen again. After the same crime was committed second time, Mr. Dail also installed an alarm, a video surveillance camera watching the cage with the A/C units inside and got himself some potent pepper spray.

And if you guessed that the thieves came for his air conditioners one more time -- you got it right, they did.
This is what happened next: Read on...

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Mace Protects Motel Clerk From Robber

robber gets mace in the faceMace (pepper spray) helped warding off another robbery. This time it's Corpus Cristi, TX.

A guy walked in up to a motel receptionists and asked for money. The lady receptionists did not budge and told him "no". The guy threatened her with deadly force but instead of compliance from her he got his face full of mace.

After that point his robbery attempt did not go any further, heck no. It's impossible to do anything meaningful when you don't see much, hardly breathing at all and in agonizing pain. That's what pepper spray or Mace does to a person.

Here is the full story: Read on...

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Self-Defense For Women in Santa Cruz With or Without Pepper Spray

self-defense for women of Santa Cruz
The City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation and CPVAW started affordable classes to teach women self-defense, how to ward off an attacker, how to use their physical abilities effectively and how to use pepper spray. The Coordinator of this program, Kathy Agnone said what we've been professing for years to all our customers: "if you buy pepper spray or mace or stun gun, you have to practice how to use it and have it available at all times. Otherwise, it will do you no good."

So here is how Kathy Agnone's said that:
“Our philosophy is to teach how to use your body parts and nearby objects to defend yourself. If you’re going to carry pepper spray, you should be trained in how to use pepper spray.
Obviously, if you’re clumsy with your pepper spray this could work against you at the time of an attack.

So yeah, maybe you’re one of those women who considers themselves armed because you bought some pepper spray. Reasonably, you carry it at the bottom of your purse when you go out, or stash it (less reasonably) in your glove box. Or maybe you’re one of those women who thinks she will never be the target of a violent crime.

The more I think about arming myself with pepper spray, the less I want to rely on it to save my ass. A little training on how to turn one's own body parts and nearby objects into weapons of self-defense seems like it would give more peace of mind (and bod) next time I'm walking home alone after dark". Read on...

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Kimber Pepper Blaster Review Comment

Kimber Pepper Blaster Review
Recently we published a small review of both Pepper Blaster II and the original Kimber Guardian Angel. You can read it here. It started as a flaming email from a customer criticizing Kimber for redesign of the Pepper Blaster.
Since we've been selling both models from their first day in the US in 2006, we decided, based on that experience, to take a second look at that re-design's pluses and minuses. Check the link above for the full post text.

The feedback to this review was very appreciative. The OP was so kind to take his time and write his 'thank you' note. Here it is:

"You guys are amazing ... I mean that.

This information is fantastic. I wish Kimber would return to the original
format, because with cell-phones and even ancient pagers, no one gave them a
second look - even outside belts on shorts in summer.

Looks like I will get the red and tuck away ....

Thanks so much for the support and time to write back.

You don't find that very often.


Thank you, Frederick, for your kind words!

You actually have a point: (Read on...)

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Pepper Spray Thwarts Robberies In More Ways Than One

pepper spray robbery attempt chicago
In the post yesterday about a robber who for no apparent reason pepper sprayed himself I was ROFLMAO-ing and screaming that "..you can not make this stuff up..".

Guess what: "this stuff" just keep on coming. I giggled it out of my system yesterday, so I can't laugh anymore. Instead, after reading this story from Chicago about yet another store robbery that was thwarted by pepper spray I started wondering: maybe robberies and pepper spray do not mix? Well, read on and let's hear what you say...

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What?! Sprayed Himself With Pepper Spray?

Self sprayed buy pepper spray
You can't make this stuff up: First there was a report about an attempted robbery of a strip mall hair salon on a slow Monday. The genius behind the heist got his face full of pepper spray from a brave lady customer and could not leave the place fast enough.

Now a new report comes from Idaho about another attempted robbery and how pepper spray saved the day there (Read on...)

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Another Brave Woman Fends Off Robber With Pepper Spray

It was uneventful Monday in the Hewitt, TX hair salon when a would-be robber stormed in to rob the place. We think there is something pathetic and even pitiful in the very idea to rob a hair salon of all places. It could be that the noticeable desperation of this act empowered a customer, a brave woman, to pull out her pepper spray and (Read on...)

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Pepper Spray Saves San Diego Jogger

san diego woman fights off attacker with pepper spray
It seems like no neighborhood provides immunity to women against assaults. A sexual predator can pull up in a Volvo or in a beat up truck, can emerge from a dark alley or from the Central Park bench. What gives protection to women, times and times again, is simple pepper spray, mace, or stun gun and resolve to use it.

Here is what just being reported from beautiful and warm San Diego:

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Pepper Blaster II and Pepper Blaster Spontaneous Review

pepper blaster ii by Kimber
Just few days ago we received this email from a Pepper Blaster owner:

"Is the original Kimber pepper blaster still available, or is only the new
stupid bright red "draw attention to me" model II available?

You could clip the original to a belt - and no one would look at you twice.
The ergonomics were perfect. I think all mine expire in June 2011, and the
red Kimber - not working for me.

I have a Kimber Custom II in .45 ca., and really loved the original.
I don't know how Kimber could have screwed this up...


Our response to the guy could be of interest to our readers and all Pepper Blaster owners out there, So -- read on...

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Pamela Anderson, a Stalker, and Pepper Spray - who won?

Pamela Anderson, stalker, and pepper spray saga
News from England, a country where regular citizens (or "subjects" as the queen calls them), like you and I, are not allowed to carry pepper spray. Yes, pepper sprays in all shapes and forms are banned in England, one can not buy pepper spray in England. Arguably only Police can handle pepper spray cans.

Especially when they have to defend a celebrity and a former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. She was in England performing at various venues. After her performance in the "Alladin" show, where she played Genie, she boarded a train in Liverpool. An unnamed suspect, allegedly her stalker, also boarded the same train. And then ...

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Man Stopped Burglars With Pepper Spray

burglar tagged with pepper spray

A quick news dispatch from Agat, Guam (US):

Early Sunday morning, about 3:30 am, a man found two would be burglars trying to break into his house.
The tenacious burglars did not budge and confronted the guy.

The brave homeowner took out the pepper spray and...

Read on...

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Woman Catches Her Stalker

laurie russo caught her stalker

Armed with a plan, a can of Mace, window alarms and a phone, Laurie Russo managed to catch her mysterious stalker.

His phone calls were getting more and more threatening, but since they were short the Police could not find the caller.

Instead of getting scared, Laurie Russo got angry and devised a plan to catch the phone stalker.
The plan worked! Here is what happened...

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Thanksgiving, TSA Abuse and Personal Safety

Ron Paul speech to end TSA abuse

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

My family will be with me these Holidays. We all live together and nobody will have to fly to sit down at the dinner table this Thursday.
But if a relative who lived afar has decided not to join us this year this would be quite okay with us.
If my daughter had to fly back home from an out of state school, I'd advise her to stay away from the airports, armed patrols, humiliating personal searches. I can not tell her that strangers in uniform will be touching her private parts and that's ok.
It is not ok.

Few years back they had to get a warrant issued by judge in order to do what's now can be done to anyone heading for the plane.

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Pepper Spray And Self-Defense at University of North Texas

The following story came from the University of North Texas (UNT).
The students, the faculty, the police department, sororities and fraternities, local martial art experts all joined together to make assaults and rapes on the campus much less likely. Pepper spray and development of common sense skills to use it were in the center of the event hosted by the UNT. The pepper spray was selected because it is by far the easiest and the most effective solution to defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

So what exactly did the UNT do?
Read on because some safety and pepper spray tips will be true for you whether you are on campus or walking your dog in a park at night.

You can also get some ideas how to organize similar events on your campus, in your congregation or neighborhood. Pepper Spray Center will be happy to assist you with this event.

UNT holds self-defense pepper spray event

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Testimonials: From Ramona D.

Thank you!

From Ramona D.:

"Thank you so much. I have never had such a great response from a company to help me with a problem with an order. I am recommending you to everyone I know..."

Dear Ramona,

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation!

We are so glad that the tricky situation with your order got resolved to your full satisfaction.
We are happy to have you as our customer!
Your friends, your loved ones, and all your referrals will be treated with the same respect and the same standard as you were.
They will thank you too!

Best of All,
Pepper Spray Center

Pepper Spray, Flashlight, And A SuperHero

watchman patrols MILWAUKEE

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 4 (UPI) -- Somebody in Milwaukee is on a personal anti-crime crusade -- and he's got the costume to prove it, observers say.

Armed with a flashlight and pepper spray, the Watchman -- he won't give his real name -- patrols the streets of Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood dressed all in black except for a bright red face mask and a large yellow W on his shirt, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

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Stun Gun and TASER Devices In Illinois - Email From Customer

As we were just covering the stun gun and taser law in the state of Illinois in the previous post we got an email from our customer in that state.
Steve W. shared his opinion on stun devices and supported his point of view with some recent tragic episode that happened in Illinois.
Here is his email:
To Pepper Spray Center Customer Support

Thank you so much!! My daughter lives in an area with increasing crime
levels and I hope this will give her more of a sense of protection short of
obtaining a hand gun.

It is sad that the many state of Illinois its and local jurisdictions have
wimps running things.

Just recently in our area a young black male was accidently shot and
killed by a police officer while resisting arrest. And yes, the use of
tasers had been banned in the city
. Had this not been the case he would
have been easily subdued by using a taser and arrested without incident.

The family has turned down a 490K settlement.

Unfortunate incident that could have been avoided.

Thanks again,
Steve W.


For the rest of you, outside of Illinois, we can only say: buy taser because you can.

Stun Gun and TASER Devices In Illinois

stun guns and taser in IL state are restricted
As you might know stun gun and taser devices in Illinois are greatly restricted.
Those laws also vary from one locality/city to another.

Here is what we already know about stun guns and tasers in IL:

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Mace And Tear Gas Triple Action

Mace Triple Action: oc spray+tear gas+UV dye

Pepper spray, Mace, tear gas, oc spray, the "mean green" and the "sabre red" all sound dangerous and intimidating.
We hear that sometimes they can all even sound pretty much the same: some defensive sprays.
We understand and that's ok because we can always help people looking for something in particular to find the right product in the store.

Consider this email from Shari:

I want to purchase mace with CN Tear gas in the state of Maryland.
Where can it be bought or how do I order online?

What exactly is she looking for?
One of a kind product, called Mace Triple Action.

To find out more about the magical qualities of this defensive spray, Read On...

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Is Mace Legal In California?

From Carolinn:
Mace with UV dye

I wish to purchase Mace with UV dye. I live in California.
I took a class over 15 years ago to enable me to purchase & carry mace.
I am pretty sure my mace is no longer good. Does it have an expiration? Is a license still necessary?
I don't know where my card is, or if it is still valid. In short... will you ship to California?
Do I need any type of authorization card?

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Stun Gun and Taser Combination

stun gun and taser combination

From: Jaimie M.:

Hey there--I am thinking of buying one of your devices for personal protection...
I was impressed with the hand held stun gun that fits on your fist as you walk or jog.
Does it have to be uncovered to work?..
can you walk with it uncovered for protection without wasting the battery?

Also do you have any devices that are a taser and a stun gun combined?
I like the idea of being able to shoot someone as they come closer to stop them but am afraid I would miss!

What would be your suggestions?


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I Want To Buy A Pepper Spray But My Husband Says "No"

"Dear Pepper Spray Center,

I want to buy a pepper spray and my husbands says no, because the pepper spray may explode, because it happened to my mother in law.

Pepper spray explodes?

Is that true, can pepper sprays explode?

Thank you.

It's a great question, Kiana! Thank you!
So you want to know is it possible to have a safe experience carrying pepper spray.

Here is what you need to know:

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Stun Gun For Street Fight?

stun gun for street fightStun gun is such a fascinating object.
Recently we got this question on the popular stun gun review in this blog:

"Hi ,
how many guys I can block by stunning them for 5-10 minutes with one charge of the battery .
This great question deserves its own post here. Read on...

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Does Pepper Spray Ever Go Bad?

Pepper Spray Goes Bad

Does the pepper spray go bad or lose its effect as it gets older?

I am purchasing these for friends and I will giving them the sprays through out the year for their birthdays, some are not until December.

Should I buy pepper spray now or wait?

Denise A.

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Pepper Blaster II video

Pepper Blaster II is finaly in the US.


As you can see from this picture it is an enhanced version of the old faithful Guardian Angel.
If you do not know what PepperBlaster is we've prepared the videos for you.
If you are a devoted fan of PepperBlasters you likely want to know when do we start shipping them.
We have the answer for you inside.

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Basic Moves with Pepper Spray or Mace Self-Defense

Watch this helpful video explaining the very basic but very necessary motor skills (movements) involved in using a simpe can of Mace or any pepper spray to this matter.

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Looks like a Cell Phone, stings like... a Stun Gun

Cellphone surprises, stun gun delivers.

cell phone stun gun flashlight combination
We wrote before how stun guns work from the science point of view. We also discussed how to use psychological impact of a stun gun in your favor. In brief: some stunguns are large, loud and intimidating, some even take a form of other weapons, like the Blast Knuckles, but some are deceivingly tiny and pretend to be harmless objects by design.

What strategy is best: to scare the approaching attacker away or catch the unfortunate assailant by surprise?

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What do you do when your pepper spray or mace expires?

Every canister of pepper spray or mace expires one day. Do you know what to do next?
mace pepper spray expired

Yes, this happens to every owner of a pepper spray can. One day you looked at the expiration date on your trusted old can of Mace or Pepper spray and saw that the expiration date has already passed. Do you think throwing it in a trash bin is the best thing to do? -- Think again...

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